Simple Vinaigrette

We make this vinaigrette, or something very like it, almost every time we have salad.

When I came to write the recipe down I realised that I had no idea about quantities, I just put ingredients together until it tastes right! Oil and vinegar are always included, of course, but the herb content depends on what is to hand at the time.

Use the recipe below as a guide and try different ideas for yourself. As long as you don't wander too far from these proportions the result will always be good and sometimes very good.

To make 4 servings:

80ml (4 tbsp) olive oil476
20ml (1 tbsp) vinegar2
1 clove garlic, crushed4
5g (1 tbsp) chives, roughly chopped1
Pinch of salt-
Twist of black pepper1
Pinch of mustard powder2
Total 486

Around 122 kcal per serving.

Put all the ingredients in a screw-top jar. Screw the top on tight. Give it a really good shake.

You can serve immediately if you need to, but the flavours will blend more if the mixture is kept in the fridge for a few hours.

Try using balsamic or wine vinegars for a different flavours or changing the chives for another herb. You can add finely chopped onion and get yet another variation.

The only thing I keep the same is the proportion of oil to vinegar, always four times as much oil as vinegar.

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