Vegetarian Tapas Recipes

Vegetarian tapas can be eaten at any time of the day. Traditional Spanish tapas was eaten between meals with drinks to help workers get to the next major meal. There are many regional specialities based on the produce of the region, but I have tried to bring together a selection of vegetarian recipes that can be produced with easily found ingredients.

Nowadays, tapas can be eaten as a starter to a meal or a selection of tapas can make up an entire meal. Of course, you can still eat tapas with drinks in the traditional way.

Some of the recipes need to be freshly made and served immediately but other can be prepared ahead of time and brought out when they are needed.

Some, like these Marinaded Mushrooms, are a mixture of pre-prepared ingredients with freshly cooked elements. In this case the freshly cooked item is Cheese Pinchos an ideal base for several of our recipes.

An Italian take on the idea of snacks to eat with a drinks, Bruschetta earns it place on these pages because it tastes good. The best bruschetta we have ever had was not in Italy but in a hotel in Canada where we had just arrived after a long flight, jet-lagged and hungry, but that is another story.

We have been looking for a nice vegetarian pâté for quite a while and have tried a number of recipes, some of which were OK but this Olive and Tomato Pate stood out as being full of flavour and great to eat with a glass of full-bodied red wine.

Vegetarian PateCopyright:

Another pâté with a more subtle flavour that tastes good on toast or biscuits and is suitable for vegans is our Vegetarian Pâté. This is made from mushrooms, walnuts and onion and contains no animal products at all. We tried this out on a non-vegetarian friend who promptly asked for the recipe and kept some for the next day.

Our next idea comes from the Middle-East although there are similar recipes in many parts of the world.Falafel make a delicious vegetarian tapas and can be eated with dips or by themslves.

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