Baked Camembert
Vegetarian Recipe

This vegetarian recipe is very rich and tasty. It consists of a whole Camembert cheese and is served hot.

I had something very much like this recipe as a pub lunch and then tried to reproduce it in our own kitchen, this recipe is the result

This would be an ideal dish to serve to a vegetarian guest alongside a traditional turkey dinner on Christmas Day.

It can be served with potatoes and green vegetables and goes well with the usual trimmings, such as cranberry sauce. It is also very easy to do and doesn't add too much the workload in the kitchen.

Traditional Camembert was made with unpasteurized milk and animal rennet and out of bounds for vegetarians. Modern version are made with pastereurized milk and some are made with non-animal rennet and are OK for us to eat.

The Vegetarian Society has good advice here.

Never mind Christmas, this is a recipe I cook for myself with warm chutney when I am feeling self indulgent.


To serve 1

1 whole Camembert Cheese

10g Pine Nuts

1/4 Eating Apple, thinly sliced







You will need an oven proof serving dish, as it is easier to serve the cheese on the dish it is cooked in.

Unwrap the cheese and make sure that there are no stickers still attached. Place it on the oven proof dish.

Sprinkle on the pine nuts and gently press them into the surface of the cheese.

Cover the nuts with the sliced apple.

Place the dish in a hot oven for 15 minutes and then serve.

It really is that easy and it tastes fantastic!

It is possible to find smaller whole Camembert cheese and these can be treated in exactly the same way. The calorie count would then be significantly less but still not low fat by any stretch of the definition!

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