Vegetarian Nutrition
Eat a Balanced Diet

Our interest in vegetarian cooking and vegetarian nutrition started when our family was joined by a life-long vegetarian in the person of our daughter-in-law. Some of our regular recipes had no meat in anyway but there has to be more a vegetarian diet than just leaving out the meat, hasn't there?

We checked on the web and came up with Vegetarian Nutrition: 

"Studies reflect that the vegetarian diet hold great results while preventing and controlling obesity. Vegetarians are mostly slimmer than non-vegetarians. With less obesity, risks for heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, are reduced."

We did a few more searches on the web and came up with these fairly simple rules:

All the nutrients that you need for a healthy diet can be found from vegetarian sources but there is no single food that will provide everything you need.

Eat small meals frequently through the day.

Make sure to mix sources of vegetable protein to ensure you get all the amino acids you need.

You don't need to cater for all the nutritional requirements in every meal, as long as all the requirements are met every day.

Don't drink tea with your meal, it interferes with the absorbtion of iron. Drink orange juice instead or any drink with vitamin C.

Include calcium-rich foods in your diet, like eggs and low-fat dairy products.

There are some nutrients that may be in short supply when meat is eliminated from your diet. Protein complementation as part of your vegetarian nutrition will avoid one possible problem. Essential minerals like iron, zinc and calcium are found in a variety of foods.

Cooking for yourself lets you control what you are eating and can make a big difference to your health. Click this link to see a story of healthy eating based on Chinese recipes.

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