Vegetarian Meal Recipes
All Tried and Tasted

Vegetarian meals are not just leaving out the meat and all good vegetarian meal recipes will provide most of the nutrients required for a healthy diet.

We are always on the lookout for interesting recipes to try and this selection is going to be added to as time goes on.

One of our first successes was Baked Bell Peppers. These are both filling and tasty and so suitable for addition to these web pages. Another variation of the same idea is an easy vegetarian recipe to make Red Peppers with Beans and Goat's Cheese.

We are not complete vegetarians and we enjoy a traditional Christmas turkey but we do like to provide something special for the true vegetarians at the table. Our Baked Camembert recipe is easy to cook and goes well with the same vegetables and trimmings as the turkey. Mind you, I often cook this recipe just for me because I love it.

For us, cooking is a pleasure as well as a necessity and we have a reasonably well equipped kitchen. Nothing too complicated but what we regularly use is all good quality. In particular we use good heavy pans even though we cook with gas.

Franciscan Eggs

A favourite midday meal of ours is Franciscan Eggs.This egg, potato and cheese recipe is given an extra something by the addition of capers and is well worth the time to cook. Another regular for a light lunch, this time with rather less calories, is Vegetarian Frittata. This dish is a great standby, quick and easy to cook and very flexible if you need to change the ingredients.

On the same lines, have you ever fancied a recipe and then found that you need some vital ingredient you don't have? While it is great to cook with fresh ingredients it can be useful to have vegetarian meal recipes available that can be made from with what is normally available.

One such recipe is Peasant Pasta which can be made with all canned or dried ingredients, although this version is made with mostly fresh ingredients. Another reliable standby with ingredients that are usually to hand is Macaroni Cheese. This simple recipe makes a tasty dish that will satisfy a healthy appetite, but you won't find this recipe in our low calorie section! A similar recipe based on cauliflower instead of pasta is has fewer calories per serving but is just as tasty. It is our Cauliflower Cheese recipe.

Our first introduction to vegetarian eating, over 30 years ago, was a nut loaf that had the texture and the taste of something that could be used to make cheap furniture. Our recipe for Almond Loaf is a much better example of vegetarian food. If we had been given this 30 years ago we would have eaten a lot less meat in our lives.

Our recipes are chosen because we enjoy cooking and eating them. For a range of recipes designed for healthy eating, click here.(Opens in a new window)

One of my favourite vegetables, served with meat or as part of a vegetarian diet, is parsnip. This sweet flavoured root has so many uses and always tastes good. A logical, to me at any rate, use for parsnips is this Parsnip Pie Recipe.

Some recipes are inspired by restaurant meals and others by basic pub grub. One memorable pub meal led to experiments at home and resulted in Red Onion and Goats Cheese Tart, an easy recipe to cook and just as easy to eat. This is a recipe that probably tastes as good cold as hot but we have never left any to cool down. It is just too good to leave and that alone justifies its inclusion in our vegetarian meal recipes.

A visit to Dublin reminded us of a traditional Irish recipe that is suitable for vegetarians and is simple to cook. In some ways it resembles the Bubble and Squeak that mother used to make from leftover cabbage and potatoes but this recipe for Colcannon is even nicer than that.

Another recipe that started with a holiday trip is Stilton and Apple Flan. This is our version of a recipe printed on the back of an admission ticket to the Roquefort caves where the famous cheese is matured

Spinach is well known to contain iron and is a tasty green vegetable in its own right. We like to cook Spinach and Ricotta Pasta Shells but not because of the iron content. We just like the way it tastes, and any healthy eating benefits are just a big bonus from this one of our vegetarian meal recipes.

Mushroom Stroganoff

Sometimes the name of a dish seems to suggest that it will difficult to reproduce at home. I always assumed one of my great favourites would be complicated to cook but I was delighted to find out I was wrong. This Mushroom Stroganoff recipe is quick and easy to make and is full of flavour. Using reduced fat creme fraiche keeps the calorie count down as well so this dish really does deserve its place amongst our vegetarian meal recipes.

If you like to put something slightly different on your table why not try a soufflé? Our recipe for Cheese Tofu Soufflé is easy to cook and makes an excellent meal served with a side salad.

Another one our vegetarian meal recipes that is a favourite of ours, this Eggplant recipe, also known as Aubergine Parmigiana, can be made with a shop bought sauce or you could try our Marinara Sauce recipe that is easy to make and tasty as well. Another idea for using the same fruit (I'm pretty sure eggplant is a fruit), this time without the sauce, is our Stuffed Eggplant recipe that uses dried soya mince to great effect for a good vegetarian meal.

Another vegetable that lends itself to similar treatment is the Butternut Squash. This odd shaped vegetable is the basis for our Stuffed Butternut Squash, recipe a regular on our table when they are in season. This substantial meal is a worthy addition to our vegetarian meal recipes.

At the risk of sounding like I spend all my time in the pub, here is yet another recipe that was inspired by a pub meal. This one is Cheese Risotto and is based on an excellent meal we had when out with friends.

Not far from where we live is an area called the Vale of Evesham, famous amongst many things for growing asparagus. This seasonal delicacy has a wonderful flavour and can be eaten by itself, just steamed and served with melted butter and a little salt. For something much more filling try our recipe for Asparagus Pasta Primavera. This produces a substantial dish that still allows the flavour of the asparagus to come through. We think this is simply delicious and a more than worthy addition to our vegetarian meal recipes.

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