Vegetarian Meal Recipe
Red Onion & Goats Cheese Tart

This is another vegetarian meal recipe that was inspired by a restaurant meal. My pastry making is a bit unpredictable so I use a bought pastry case.

In this case the ready made pastry is in the form of a blind tart that just needs a tasty filling. What could be tastier than red onions and goats cheese? Certainly we never have anything left over when we eat this dish, it's much to good to leave any behind.

The trick with this recipe is to cook the onion slowly to bring out the full flavour. You can use all of the cheese including the rind, it all melts into the mixture and adds to the flavour.

The finished tart cuts nicely into four but we usually eat two pieces each as a complete meal. If served with a green salad it could easily stretch to four servings.

To make 2-4 servings:

20cm (8in) plain pastry case1022
70g (3oz) soft goats cheese245
2 medium red onion60
5 cloves garlic20
1 egg65
120ml (1/2 cup) milk61
10ml (2tsp) fresh thyme leaves2
Salt and Pepper to taste5
Total 1480

Around 370 - 740 kCals per serving.

Thinly slice the onion and the garlic cloves and put into a heavy bottom pan. Fry very gently over a low heat for 20 minutes or so until the onion is soft and caramelised.

Remove from the heat.

Season with salt and pepper and add about half of the fresh thyme leaves. Break up the goats cheese and add it to the pan. Mix everything together well.

Mix the egg and the milk in a separate bowl and then add to the onion mixture. Stir well.

Pour the mixture into the pastry case, making sure the solids are evenly spread out. Sprinkle the remainder of the thyme over the surface. Bake in a medium oven (180 C - 350 F) for 20 minutes.

Serve hot.

This vegetarian meal recipe probably tastes just as good cold but we have never waited for it to cool to find out.

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