Vegetarian Sauce Recipes

These sauce recipes can transform a meal into something quite different, take pasta for example. A plate full of spaghetti is filling but not terribly interesting.

Cover that same plate of spaghetti with a tasty sauce and you have a completely different meal.

Several of our recipes have recommended sauces to accompany them but those are only our suggestions. Of course, you can use these recipes with other recipes so we thought we would compile a list.

Basic White Sauce. Milk, flour and butter make a simple smooth sauce that is the basis for many more recipes for sauces.

Cheesy Pasta Sauce. A cheese flavoured smooth sauce that goes very well with simple pasta dishes.

Subtle Pasta Sauce. A delicate tasting sauce that won't kill the flavour of the recipe it is served with. We came up with this sauce to complement the delicate flavour of our Goats Cheese and Honey Ravioli.

Marinara Sauce. A smooth tomato based recipe with loads of flavour. This sauce can give a big lift to a dish that does not have much taste of its own or to complement a recipe that has a strong flavour of its own.

Sweet and Sour Sauce. A simple smooth sauce that goes well with a number of dishes. Try it with our Almond Loaf recipe, for example.

Mayonnaise. A salad dressing that avoids using raw egg. Most mayonnaise recipes use raw egg and this can sometimes cause problems.

Vinaigrette. A basic oil and vinegar salad dressing. Perfect with a green salad.

Warm Chutney. Something slightly different, quick and easy to make. This goes well with cheese dishes and also goes well with meat dishes for the non-vegatarians.

Hot and Spicy Curry Paste. The basis for all sorts of curry recipes, you can use this paste to hit the taste buds.

Masala Sauce Another take on curry, this is probably one of our favourites.

Caroline's Crazy Sauce. Not crazy at all, but a spicy relish that will give a lift to all sorts of dishes.

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