Low Calorie Recipies

Low calorie recipies makes a great headline, but what is 'low calorie'?

I'm no dietician, I'm just a cook, but it seems to me that a quick look at a few reference books suggests that to maintain a steady weight, women need to eat 2000 calories a day and men 2500.

Using this as a starting point I decided to describe any recipe that provides less than 250 calories per serving as 'low calorie'.


Bruschetta - 200 kcal per serving
Cheese Pinchos - 170 kcal each excluding any topping
Falafel - 85 kcal each, but watch the dips!


Beetroot Soup - 192kcal per serving
Carrot Soup - just sneaks in at 250kcal per serving
Cauliflower Soup - 240 kcal per serving.
Squash and Garlic Soup - 226 kcal per serving
Tomato Soup - 137 kcal per serving
Fennel Soup - 90 kcal per serving.
Asparagus Soup - 156 kcal per serving.
Minestrone Soup - 197 kcal per serving
Onion Soup - 146kcal per serving. 
Beetroot and Orange Soup - 210kcal per serving
Leek and Potato Soup - 150 kcal per serving
Creamy Mushroom Soup - 240 kcal per serving
Red Pepper Soup - 75 kcal per serving


Vegetarian Frittata - 245 kcals per serving. 
Mushroom Stroganoff - 247 kcal per serving. 
Spicy Eggs - 187 kcal per serving


Caesar Salad - 245 kcal per serving
Sun-dried Tomato and Egg Salad - 125 kcal per serving
Egg Salad Recipe - 172 kcal per serving. 
Cheese and Onion Egg Salad - 210 kcal per serving

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