Smooth Leek and Potato Soup

This recipe for leek and potato soup is ideal as a light meal as well as a tasty starter for a substantial meal.

It can probably be frozen for use later but we have never had any left over to freeze so I can't say for sure.

The first time I came upon this recipe it called for Parmesan Cheese.

Parmesan and Parmigiano Reggiano are protected terms and for a cheese to carry one of these names it has to be made with animal rennet so cannot be suitable for vegetarians.

Fortunately there are similar tasty hard cheeses that we can use so this is my vegetarian version of this tasty soup recipe

There is a useful page on the Vegetarian Society web-site with information about types of rennet.

I sometimes use up the last bits of hard cheese with the rind still on. Just remove the cooked rind from the soup before you you blend it.

Ingredients for Leek and Potato Soup

To make 2 servings:

1 good sized Leek

1 good sized Potato

10g Butter

20g tasty Hard Cheese

500ml Vegetable Stock (or Water)









Less than 150 Kcal per serving

Copyright: Vegetarian and Low Calorie


Prepare the leeks by cleaning them and cutting into thick chunks.

Wash them well before cooking. Melt the butter in a heavy based pan and add the leeks.

Cook the leeks on a low heat for about 20 minutes, giving them a stir now and again. the idea is to concentrate the flavour without browning the leeks.

While the leeks are cooking peel the potatoes and cut them into similar size chunks to the leeks. When the leeks are soft add the potatoes and cook them together for about five minutes.

Add the hard cheese and black pepper and then the stock (or just water) and simmer for at least 40 minutes with the pan partially covered. If you are not using stock cubes you should also add some salt with the pepper.

Blitz the soup in a food processor or directly in the pan with a hand blender. Check the seasoning and serve. You can garnish with chopped parsley, a good handful will only add 40 kcal.

When you have tried this leek and potato soup you will probably see why we never have any left over to freeze.

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