Simple Cheese Sauce Recipe

This is a basic cheese sauce recipe, quick and easy to make. Like most recipes the flavour depends on the ingredients so try to use a tasty cheese. just make sure it is suitable for vegetarians, most of the cheese on offer in our local shops are OK but it pays to read the small print.The Vegetarian Society has information here.

You can use this sauce with vegetables or pasta, indeed it is the basis for recipes like cauliflower cheese or macaroni cheese.


To make 2 servings:

30g Butter

15ml White Flour

300ml Milk

125g Cheddar Cheese, grated








Around 452 KCal per serving


Put the milk butter and flour into a cold pan and stir. The flour should mix smoothly with milk fairly easily. This method avoids getting lumps in the finished sauce.

Heat the pan gently and keep stirring. The butter will melt and as the mixture comes to the boil it will thicken.

Once the sauce has thickened add the grated cheese and stir in as it melts.

Serve hot.

Some years ago we visited the small town of Villedieu-de-Poules in Normandy were they have produced copper cooking pots for several hundred years. I bought a small pan as a souvenir but made sure I got a modern one, all copper but with a very thin stainless steel lining. It is perfect for making sauces as the heat is almost perfectly even everywhere in the pan and I have never had a sauce go lumpy when using it.

Prices for these pans are ridiculous in the UK but I am so pleased I got mine at factory gate prices. We went back the following year and I bought an omelette pan that is just as good.

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