Cheese Pinchos
Tapas Recipe

This simple recipe can be prepared with any cheese that grills well.

Cheese Pinchos can be served by themselves but are usually used as a base for serving spoonfuls of other tapas.

As always the, the cheese needs to be made with vegetarian rennet. A few cheese are always made with animal rennet, Gorgonzola for example, but most supermarkets stock plenty of alternatives suitable for vegetarians. The Vegetarian Society gives guidance

Ingredients for Cheese Pinchos

To make 2 servings:

2 small slices Bread

2 slices Goat's Cheese






Less than 170KCal per serving, excluding any topping.


The calorie count for this recipe is a 'best guess' for my size of bread slice and thickness of cheese. If you are really serious about counting your calories you will need to check the quantities that you use. Different cheeses can also have very different calorific values as well.

Simply put the goats cheese on top of the bread slices and put under a medium grill until the cheese is nicely grilled.

Add any topping and serve immediately.

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