Cream of Carrot Soup

This recipe for Cream of Carrot Soup is about as simple as a recipe can get.

Don't be misled though, the result is tasty and smooth, absolutely perfect with some crusty bread. No unknown additives either.

The first time we ever had this soup was in a cafe in Dublin and it was wonderful, the culinary highlight of the holiday.

It took me a long time and many experiments to realise that the flavour was just carrots with a minimum of herbs and other flavours.

Now this recipe has joined our list of family favourites.

Ingredients for Carrot Soup

To make 2 servings:

450g Carrots, peeled and chopped

500ml Vegetable Stock

250ml Milk

15g Butter

15ml Flour









Around 250 KCal per serving


Boil the carrots in the vegetable stock until they are tender. Transfer to a food processor or blender and blend to a puree.

Make a basic white sauce with the milk butter and flour.

Our favourite method is to mix some of the milk and all the flour in a jam-jar used like a cocktail shaker and add it to the butter and the rest of the milk warming in a large pan.

Bring gently to the boil and keep stirring while the sauce thickens.

Add the pureed carrot to the sauce and stir in over a gentle heat. Serve immediately.

This soup is one of favourites, quick and easy to make, and the general method can be used to make all kinds of creamy soups.

We have tried all sorts of mixtures such as parsnip and orange, for example, but we have not yet bettered carrots.

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