Vegetarian Tapas Recipe

Bruschetta is not an authentic Spanish Tapas recipe, of course, as it comes from Italy, but is fits with the spirit of Tapas. 

Most authentic tapas recipes are built around meat in various forms so to keep to the vegetarian aims of this part of our web-site we have looked to other countries for ideas that can be served up with drinks in true tapas style.

The idea of an open sandwich crops up in many countries and has many names.

This is our favourite version of the idea, it always brings back happy memories of trips.

If you have it, you can use ciabatta but this will raise the calorie count.


To make 6 servings:

500g tomatoes, coarsely chopped

100g red onion, finely chopped

1 clove garlic, crushed

30ml olive oil

3ml sugar

30ml fresh basil, shredded

6 thick slices of crusty bread

60 ml olive oil (for the bread)












Around 200 kcal per serving.


Mix all the ingredients except the bread in a large bowl.

Drizzle olive oil on the bread and lightly brown both sides under the grill. 

Serve the mixture on the toasted bread. 

This recipe is pretty good but it will never quite match the Bruschetta we had in Halifax, Nova Scotia after a transatlantic flight. It was late evening there, the early hours of the morning by our body clocks, and only the bar was open in our hotel. The barman served up a couple of them and they seemed like the food of the gods to us. They were probably fairly ordinary but they live in our memories to this day. Hunger is truly the best sauce.

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