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Who are we?

Why vegetarian?

Find out about us here. We are Richard and Margaret GallĂ©, a happily married couple living in the English county of Worcestershire. Our three children are now grown up and making their own way in the world.

The cooking in the family was always done by Margaret until the children had left home, even though Richard has always been able to put a meal together when necessary.

Things started to change when we were both working full-time and taking turns to prepare food. Richard's interest in cooking grew, particularly Italian food and the philosophy behind it. "Buy the best ingredients you can find or afford, take them home and be kind to them"

Retirement brought even more opportunities for experiments in the kitchen and the time to share the results with others.

Neither of us are full time vegetarians but we have cut down on the amount of meat that we eat and we no longer have any problem with entertaining our vegetarian friends and family members.

The calorie counting idea came about because both of us have cause to watch our weight, although from opposite directions. There must be tens of thousands of diet sites on the web, but very few are interested in telling you how to put weight on healthily.

Both of us had seen attempts at vegetarian living that had resulted in health problems as well as knowing very healthy examples of life long vegetarian eating.

Health problems arising from poor nutrition can easily be avoided and we have included a few facts and tips on vegetarian nutrition elsewhere on this site.

We are not very good at taking photographs, so some of the pictures we have used on this site are from a free photo website that has loads of pictures by amateur photographers available for download. 

So why did we build this web site? Because we love tasty food and because we can. Good food, local ingredients, produce in its proper season, all of these things are important to us. it is easy for us to tell you about us and our passion.

Enough about us, check out the rest of our site

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