Low calorie and Vegetarian Recipes that taste great!

Welcome to my (mostly) low calorie and vegetarian recipes pages.

Love to cook?

Me too!

I'm Richard, happily married to Margaret, and this is my web site. All the recipes are free to use. If you like them please tell your friends. If you don't like them please tell me.

I really only started to cook when I retired to give Margaret a break now and again, but I discovered that I really enjoy cooking.

I have tried to put together a selection of recipes that I know work when I cook them.

This is important to me because I have tried so many recipes that either need skills I don't have or just plain don't work as advertised.

Every recipe on this site has been prepared by me, tasted by me and enjoyed by me. If I don't like the result, it doesn't get published.

Calorie Counting

First and foremost all the recipes I have included taste good to eat, but for those of us who need to watch our weight I have included the calorie values of all the ingredients for each recipe so that you can keep score if you need to.

The values given are approximate and can vary, particularly with fresh ingredients so please use my figures as a rough guide only.

Most of the time I am cooking for two so most of our recipes give ingredients for two servings. It seems to me that it is much easier to scale a recipe up by multiplying quantities by two or four than it is to divide. How do you measure half an egg, for example

So, lets start cooking.

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