Why a web-site?

We get a lot of fun from this web-site, trying out recipes and then sharing them with you, but why do we do it?

The site is almost entirely built by Richard, that's me. I love trying new recipes and when they work out well I like to tell people. The failures tend to be kept a bit quieter!

After I retired I had plenty of time to try out recipes, but there is a limit to how many meals can be cooked and eaten in a day so I still had time on my hands.

I decided to use some of my spare time building this web-site, telling you about the recipes that worked well for us. The only question I had was "Can I do it?"

I had plenty of spare time but not a lot of spare money. Who has?

I got lucky. A search for web hosting services led me to SiteSell and the rest, as they say, is history. I discovered that "Yes, I can do it" and also with all the support I needed to do it right.

I could spend hours trying to tell you why I love SiteSell and their SBI product so much but I don't need to.

One of the things that make it so good is that it is a community of people doing the same as me, and some of them have made videos like the one on the right that say the same as I do.

Click here to see more of these videos.

Every time I have got stuck on a problem the SBI community has provided the answer. The amazing variety of people who use SBI means that there always seems to be someone who has encountered the same problem as me and is prepared to share the solution.

The only software I used was a word processor (Microsoft Word, if you need to know). SBI provide a very complete set of tools that make building a site like this so very easy. As I got more confident I moved to using an HTML editor. Yes, SBI provided the video guide on how to make that transition as well.

I have a shelf of books about HTML, web design and all sorts of technical stuff and I never open any of them. I just don't need them any more.

If you want to get a taste of how easy it is take a video tour.

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